Our Range of Products

We offer an extensive range of meat products, including Beef, Chicken and Deli Meats. You can find a full list of all the products we have on offer below.

Please Note: Availability of Pie Shop products are subject to availability. You may also place orders for Family Size pies by phone, and they will be specially made to order.


BBQ Blade SteakBeef SteakettesBeef Stir FryCorned SilversideCrumbed SteakDiced BeefFillet SteakMarinated SteakNew York SteakPepper SteakRib Eye SteakRoasting BeefRound SteakRump SteakSandwich SteakT-bone SteakTop Grade MinceTopside Steak


Bacon and Tomato PattiesCurried Sausages (Gluten Free)Sausage PattiesThick Sausages (Gluten Free)Thin Sausages (Gluten Free)


Crumbed Pork CutletsHoney Mustard Pork MedallionsMarinated or Plain Spare RibsPork BBQ ChopsPork Loin ChopsPork MedallionsPork Pin Wheels


Crumbed Lamb ChopsCrumbed Lamb CutletsLamb BBQ ChopsLamb Chump ChopsLamb Loin ChopsLeg of Lamb


Chicken BreastChicken Ham Cheese SchnitzelChicken KebabsChicken KievChicken SchnitzelChicken Stir FryChicken WingsLarge Seasoned Chickens

Deli Meat

BaconChicken RollDevonFrankfurtsLeg HamPolish SalamiRoast BeefRoast PorkSoccerball Ham

Pie Shop

Apple Pie w/ CreamApplie PieCakesCheese PieCheese Tomato & Onion PieChicken & Corn PieChicken Cheese & Bacon PieChicken Curry PieChilli Chicken PieCurry PieMeat Cheese & Bacon PieMushroom PiePea PiePlain PiePotato PieSausage RollSausage Roll - Cheese & BaconSouthy DogSteak & Kidney PieWorks Pie

Family Pies (Made to Order)

Apple PieChicken & CheeseChicken Cheese & BaconChicken Cheese & Bacon with Potato Top (No Lid)Chicken Cheese Bacon Tomato & OnionChicken Cheese Tomato & OnionCottage PiesMeat & CheeseMeat & ChilliMeat & CurryMeat & MushroomMeat & PeaMeat & PotatoMeat Cheese & BaconMeat Cheese Bacon Tomato & OnionMeat Mushroom & CheeseMeat Steak & KidneyMeat Tomato & OnionPlain ChickenPlain MeatQuicheWorks