The History of Cardiff South Butchery and Pies

Cardiff South Butchery Meat Tray

Cardiff South Butchery has been operating as a butcher shop for close to 50 years, the shop was originally owned by Mack Thompson, until it was bought by local man Ken Brooks and his wife Jacqueline in the mid 1970's. The middle part of the existing shop was where the operation began, before expanding to the larger premises that exist to this day, including the Pie shop which began trading in the late nineties.

In 1981 one of the present owners, Brad Carter began his apprenticeship at the shop with the Brooks', until it was sold in 1982 to Lyons Butchers. The Brooks' bought the shop back again in 1986 with Brad returning to the shop once again staying until 1990 where he left to further his career by managing large retail butcher shops and wholesale factories.

Cardiff South Butchery Meat Tray

In 1995 Grant Baker started his apprenticeship with the Brooks’ with his mother Roslyn also working at the shop, making it quite a family affair. By 2002 Grant had also left the shop to further his career, by working in Randalls Butchery in Fulham, England servicing customers which included Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Sir Michael Caine, among many others.

In 2008 when the Brooks’ announced their retirement, Brad and Grant combined forces and bought the shop off them, with many of the customers pleased that the business would remain in their capable hands. With their combined knowledge and skills the shop would continue to prosper.

Retaining the original staff, Brad and Grant have maintained what was instilled in them by the Brooks’ and this shows with the business continuing to grow and prosper.

In 2015, with Brad retiring from the business, Grant continues on with sole ownership over the shop. With support from his family, Grant continues the tradition of Quality and Service that has been upheld by Cardiff South Butchery and Pies for so many years.